Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year...Same Resolution...Take 3

I know what you're thinking by now...how is this year different?

Every year, I list weight loss at the top of my list of new year's resolutions.  I never did anything about it last year...I was in the midst of moving.  In stead, I find myself facing 2014 at my heaviest I've ever been.  The numbers last year inched up as did my waist...but I still ended the year on a high note.  I have a loving relationship with an awesome man who loves me the way that I am.

Confession: I used to have a bit of fear when it came to losing weight.  The "what if" game can be tough on someone who has never known "skinny".  I spent many years blaming lost relationships, being unpopular, not getting into a certain sorority, etc on being a little overweight.  But this year, I realize that the weight is not the issue.  I don't want to lose weight to be accepted more, to be in a relationship, to be popular.  I am happy with who I am.

I think to those commercials from a few years ago: "What will you gain when you lose" and realize that there's some truth in that.  I want to gain some confidence for sure.  I want to gain strength both internally and externally.  Mostly, I want to show myself that this is possible.  I want to do this for me.  Not for anyone else!

I have bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers and also bought a Fit Bit to track my steps.  I want to set small goals...5% of my weight by Valentines day being my first!  1 month to 5%.  My plan is as follows:

1. 10,000 steps per day...no excuses
2. Drink 24 ounces of water 30 minutes before each meal (I have a great water bottle that makes me chug)
3. Try 2 new recipes a week (which means that I'll be cooking)
4. Try a new workout every two weeks (though no pressure to go everyday...just try something new)

We'll get to February 14 and then reevaluate from there.  For now: I need to try Yoga again!


Nadya said...

Hi Carrie! It is Nadya:) I still follow your blog on my blogroll so I was so happy to see this pop up! I am so happy for you! You can do this!

The Navy Bean said...

Tell me about your water bottle. I am a sucker for new water bottles!